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All GP Spiral Coaching programs are explicitly designed to take you through a process that will change your thinking thereby generating significant shifts in your career and life.

Online Coaching

Our online coaching is a very powerful. You are assigned to an online coach who accompanies you on your journey, and is there to guide, support and encourage your specific goals.

Our online coaches read all of your journal entries and provide you with personal detailed feedback; coaching comments come from certified, highly skilled and trained Frame of Mind Coaches and will accelerate your goal achievement. Our coaches are there to guide you, challenge you, and help you achieve your goals.

What do I get when I join?
  1. A minimum of 12 interactions each month with your personal coach; that’s 3-5 times the traditional coach/client interaction frequency in the coaching industry!
  2. Weekly, secure, personal online coaching.
  3. Monthly group coaching calls designed to highlight and share client breakthroughs, as well as address relevant client challenges and bring coaching solutions to those challenges.
  4. Weekly guided journaling assignments designed to systematically take you through the steps of awareness, practice and action necessary to achieve success.
  5. Social networking interaction and the opportunity to share the journaling experience with others who are interested in making significant changes in their lives.
  6. Membership access to GP Spiral Coaching client exclusive webinars and Tele-seminars with Kim Ades and a variety of featured speakers.

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Frame of Mind Group Coaching

Ten empowering weeks of group coaching with an explicitly trained Frame of Mind coach. Each week you will participate in a group conference call that fully explores one key aspect of your development. Each call focuses on a targeted subject with a clearly articulated theme and is intended to work as part of a precise progression of thought development over the period of ten full weeks. Here is what is included in your ten week GP Spiral Coaching Program:

  • A private orientation call with your coach.
  • Daily guided journaling with our groundbreaking new on-line journal program.
  • Your coach will read your journal and make comments that will prod, challenge, entice, support and engage you to grow and make the kind of changes you are looking for.
  • Connect with other group members who are all interested in working on their frame of mind to achieve success in their lives and fulfill the dreams and goals as well.
  • Be part of an infrastructure that will hold up for you well beyond the seventy days.

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Frame of Mind Exclusive One-on-One Coaching

Working one-on-one with a Frame of Mind coach is a life changing experience, allowing you to identify your struggles and work through them in detail and push beyond them. Our one-on-one clients experience intense breakthroughs that lead them to challenge, refine and make changes in their thinking resulting in monumental shifts in their careers, relationships and life strategies. Private coaching is personalized, your journals are read by your coach consistently and you receive continual feedback, remarks, queries and comments over the duration of the program.

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Frame of Mind Synergy

Synergy is a mastermind program designed for a group of hand-picked students who have completed a 10 week group coaching program. It’s an opportunity to continue growing your dreams, keep connected with the Frame of Mind community and stay tuned in to your personal happiness.

Here's what the program looks like:

  • A monthly group call for about 1.5 hours specifically tailored to the dynamic of the group and superbly guided by one of our expert coaches to achieve maximum growth and success.
  • A monthly group maintenance call for about 45 minutes for the express purpose of ensuring each group member is on track for their monthly goals.
  • Access to our new ground-breaking new 52-week guided journaling curriculum, including weekly posted comments from your coach and Synergy group members who are able to probe, provide insight, add unique opinions and offer well founded advice.
  • With Synergy, you will identify important goals and in collaboration with your group and expert coaching, achieve your goals.
  • Experience the unprecedented power of our new Journaling program GP Spiral Coaching – our on-line self guided journal
  • Focus on the Frame of Mind principles as the foundation for serious success in all areas of life
  • Leverage the wisdom, experience, and Frame of Mind of a group of like-minded people who are all driven to lead extraordinary lives
  • Build the muscle of stating and manifesting intentions
  • Notice, track, and share successes
  • Participate fully and openly in an environment of no questions asked, and "over and above the call of duty" group support building a foundation of life long friendships and love
  • Experience the magic of co-creating something far bigger than each of us can create independently

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