What is GP Spiral Coaching

Imagine... that you are exactly where you wanted to be in your career at this stage of your life. You have enough money to do the things that give you pleasure; you live well, enjoy time with your family and friends, and wake up invigorated to start each day. Your relationships have never been better. You love your career. You are energized and happy.

GP Spiral Coaching is about getting to exactly this happy place. It's about teaching you a different way of thinking. The one thing that differentiates people who live amazing, stratospheric lives is the way they think.

Like the Law of Gravity, there are Universal Laws of Creation that exist and impact your life whether you know it or not. One such law is that you are responsible for the results that you get in your life. Another is that the way you feel is a function of the way you think. We want you to learn how to identify which thoughts propel you and which ones defeat you. By continually reaching for better thoughts you can create significant shifts in your life. We call this trading up.tm Trade up – think better thoughts. GP Spiral Coaching teaches you to always be reaching for thoughts that make you feel better, release resistant thoughts and replace them with a better thought. With the GP Spiral Coaching program you are able to make monumental changes in your thinking that lead to phenomenal, life transforming results.

How to change your thinking

At GP Spiral Coaching we recognize that the single biggest difference between top performers and everyone else is the way they think. GP Spiral Coaching is about empowering you with the tools of deliberate thought that top performers are able to access instantly and use to drive their success. As a matter of fact, it's what they count on. GP Spiral Coaching is about supplying you with the consistent exposure to the kind of thinking that will enable you to achieve the life that you desire.

All of our student's use the Frame of Mind on-line journaling system every day. Journaling is the single most important tool in creating significant change in your life. It's the vehicle that allows you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

How is GP Spiral Coaching Different from all the other coaching companies?

  1. Most companies focus on the ABC's of sales. We operate under a whole other premise. Our experience has shown us that you already know how to sell, how to perform your job and that you have taken all the courses and have all the education needed to do your job. There is something else that is blocking your progress. That something is your THINKING. At GP Spiral Coaching we discover what is in your thinking that is blocking your progress and focus on the thoughts and actions that will allow you to succeed.

  2. Most coaching companies talk about accountability to the coach as the anchor to their coaching process. The principle belief of GP Spiral Coaching is that the only person that you are accountable to is yourself. Frame of Mind coaches help you to develop the skills to think like a top performer, take inspired actions so that you are accountable to yourself and reach your ultimate goals.

  3. Most coaching companies rely exclusively on phone calls once per week to communicate with the coaching client. At GP Spiral Coaching, in addition to the weekly calls, we use DAILY JOURNALING as an additional mode of communication. Journaling is the key vehicle that we utilize in our coaching program to allow our clients to create the things they want in their lives. This has a 100% success rate.

Live the Life you've always dreamed about

Why does your business seem so hard? You're tired of mediocrity. You're off track. You wonder, why do some people always have it together despite hard times?

You ask yourself, "What am I doing wrong, when is my time going to come?"

The greatest obstacle to reaching your goals and performing at your peak is your THINKING; it's your biggest competitor and stands in the way of your success.

Top performers have developed a strong internal mechanism which allows them to maintain success even in an economic downturn. What happens is that they do not allow themselves to fall during difficult times. Instead, they stop short and re-direct their thoughts using their powerful mental muscle. They change their thinking. They use the skill of deliberate thought to recast their experience in such a way to serve them and help them move forward. This is called flexing the mind muscle: the discipline of the mind that enables them to make continuous and seamless adjustments and focus on performance. It's really about making a choice to succeed, every moment of everyday.

Your Time is Now

GP Spiral Coaching provides you with the skills of deliberate thought required to maximize your career performance. GP Spiral Coaching teaches you that repeated thoughts lead to beliefs, and beliefs lead to expectations and expectations lead to the results you desire.





GP Spiral Coaching is crystal clear about results. Results are a direct and deliberate product of what we allow our mind to focus on. Success is the result of a focussed frame of mind.

Do you want to live the extraordinary life you have always dreamed of? Do you want to own your future?

Successful People Journal

GP Spiral Coaching Programs use our groundbreaking on-line, guided and secure journaling system.

The key ingredient to the coaching program is the Frame of Mind exclusive on-line guided journal system. Each week our students write in the journal about a designated theme that targets a specific aspect of your thought process. Journaling has the ability to transform your life. When you journal you confront your battles; you explore your dreams, hopes and aspirations allowing them to come to life. They become more tangible and are validated. You bring constant attention, focus and energy to your goals which accelerate the time frame in which you achieve them.

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