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Sarah Andrews Gwen helped put professional situations into a different perspective that allowed me to understand varying points of view and subsequently resolve conflict in an interpersonal and effective manner. Gwen was good at holding me accountable, in a supportive manner, for actions I agreed to take.I gained more...
Micki Berg 

I was scattered all over the place. . .until I hired Gwen.Not only was she able to help me "focus," but by realistically prioritizing, I didn't have to compromise my important values of spending time with family and friends. Gwen does NOT let me get off track, although I often try.

Janet VanDyke, DVM CEO CRI 

"Coaching has been tremendous in helping me to address the interpersonal issues within my business. This has given me the guidance that I needed to tackle the tough questions, take on the problems that I had previously avoided, and manage my personal time at last!"

Patricia Weiland Gwen has a unique coaching style that brings clarity on my current goals. She is a master guide through transitions. She helped me uncover, clarify and then work on changes I wanted to make. Moving forward with big ideas that now have actions and real time frames certainly makes change easily an more...
Brenda Kiester 
It has been most surprising to me that what I am accomplishing with the help of a coach actually takes much less time than I imagined. Just having another person to be accountable to has prodded me to get started, and once started, each action plan is quickly getting finished.

Rebecca Rose, CVT Gwen's services were fabulous! We focused on my career, and how to gracefully say no. She helped me to approach things more systematically. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. If you need some assistance in achieving a goal or passion, Gwen will help you define that path with grace and pati more...

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